Monday, October 27, 2008

Christmas Wishes! Ida Style

This is just a wish list will the list every come true probably not. But hey one has to wish for Christmas right?

I want to spend a few days at the Hotel Del Coronado. In San Diego, you can go ice skating by the sea. They decorate so beautifully. I hope some day to spend some time there.

I need a makeup case. I have been buying myself make up lately a lot of it. So I need a new place to put all my make in. A new case would do the trick. Better than the beat up old case that holds my make up now. It's on it's last leg.

Yes there it is. I want some one carat diamond earrings. Yes it's not going to happen but I want it anyways.

oh and the mother load. I want another purse. Yes I don't need it but mama needs a new bag.


Mindi said...

i've heard things about the hotel del cornado! i would love to go--sneak me in your garmet bag and i'll hold still, not talk, and hopefully somebody will be able to lug me along!

BiBi said...

They all look like great gifts to me!

Angie said...

This mama needs (ok, wants) lots of new things too! Dang the economy!

Tiburon said...

I will take all of these as well. Although since I will be in NYC right before Christmas I totally plan on buying some good knock-offs in China town ;)

Rachel said...

Thanks for the ideas! I SO need to work on my wish list.