Monday, January 5, 2009

Don't you hate those unexpected bills?

These are sorry times in these parts. Thankfully I do say God is watching out and I received a check for work I did awhile back. Woohoo for 800.00 magically showing up in the mail box. I really did forget about that check coming. But good thing it did. I need to buy new rims for the sub-bus. When we bought it used it already had these wannabe DUB city 22 inch rims on it. Well those suckers are eating up $200.00 tires like they are krispy kreme donuts. I am pissed. So this week I need to look for new rims and of course a set of new tires. I can imagine how much this will cost. But I am sure that the check will come in handy. Thank God!

In other news, I will be good this year and try to pay off one credit card this year. I need to tighten the belt, but I am sure it is do able. Heck we have fun now it's time to pay for it.


BiBi said...

That's why I hate it when hubby burns rubber in my car... You can just see the tire thinning LOL!
Tires are expensive!!
Dh is looking for some 24 - 26 inch rims for his suv. He said they run about $3500+
Good Luck! Hope you find something nice and not too expensive =)

tiburon said...

HATE IT! We just got hit with the check for Ethan's summer camp that I thought they cashed back in June - and deposited 2 days before Christmas. So sweet!