Saturday, January 10, 2009

Let the insanity begin.

I started school on Thursday. I was a mad mad woman. I literally ran to class from just getting off from work. I think I broke my favorite work shoes in the process. I love those work shoes. Let me take a moment to mourn my shoes. Yes I said mourn my shoes.

Anyways getting off track here. I was able to crash a online Art class. The funny thing is you have to show up the first day to meet the teacher and other dates for tests etc. Gladly I got in. I also am taking an English class online.

All these classes so lil ol' me can get her bachelors and masters. Wish me luck the insanity has begun.


2busy said...

I couldn't do what you do...Mom, wife, student, employee...Wow!

BiBi said...

WTG Ida! You're such a busy woman!

Good Luck with everything! & I know what you mean about the shoes ;)