Saturday, January 17, 2009

Man my clothes are old!

I just realized as I dashed to put on a comfy sweater that the sweater is over 9 years old. I remember wearing it when I was pregnant with Gianna. I can not believe I have clothes that are 9 years old in my closet.

I have basic things like a cardigan black that has actually held it's shape and color 8 years old.

I had jeans in there from 2000. Yes I do clean out my closet too. I found black dress pants from sizes 12 to 4 because Lord knows I have been every size after having kids.

No shoes though I am pretty trendy when it comes to shoes. Except for the basic pumps etc. Those never go out of style.

I can not be the only one with really old clothes am I?


tiburon said...

Mine are old too - but I tend to buy expensive pieces and keep them forever :)

BiBi said...

I have a few too!

No Cool Story said...

I know! Just the other day I realized the PJs I was wearing were 11 years old..grossssss! I took them off and threw them away immediately.
Ew ew ew.