Saturday, January 17, 2009

Things that happen here (well maybe)

Yes I let my kids run around in a diaper. Yes that would be Nicholas.

Yes I even catch them running outside in their socks no shoes or bare foot.

We maybe had left over pizza for breakfast this morning.

I give the baby chocolate.

My cows oops I mean kids graze through out the day. (working on that one)

I threw clothes from the landing down. There was too many baskets to carry.

Richie fights with the neighbor across the street. A grown man mind you. This is little Richie not the big one.

I have swept my floor 3 times today. Because a little person likes to launch food from his high chair. (working on that too).

That is all for now. I need to go do my homework.


tiburon said...

What do they fight about?

Verbal fight or fistfight fight?

BiBi said...

Outside in socks or barefoot - I do that myself ;)