Monday, January 12, 2009

Top Ten List

Top Ten Things that are irking me this week.

1. I have to buy new tires. At a whopping 200.00 a tire.

2. Said tires have been on back order for about 2 weeks.

3. In the mean time I got a slow leak on tire so now I am on a donut freaking tire.

4. I paid 100.00 for a USED art book which I will ever use again, after this semester.

5. I start ICU next week and my mind is in a funk about it.

6. I am super slow on the treadmill or how I call it the death mill. See mii below for reference.

7. My favorite dansko mary janes broke. I love those work shoes.

8. Tax season is coming up.

9. I need a mani and a pedi and my roots done. I am starting to look a mess.

10. I still can't get off the last 8 lbs.

I hope these things can resolve themselves magically. Where is the Staples "easy" button when I need it.


tiburon said...

That is crazy - all you have going on!

I hope things calm down :)