Monday, January 5, 2009

NO post since Wed.

I guess I was on a self imposed hiatus. I worked Thursday all day long. It was a busy day. I also worked Friday in the other hospital as a rent a nurse.

Saturday was my mom's 50th birthday party. It was fun. I sadly didn't get any pictures myself. I need to get them from my aunt who took a lot that night.

Anyways I vow to blog more. I need to this year. At least I hope to. But you know things get in the way like feeding the children, my job oh and that pesky house work that never ends. On that note I think the housekeeper fired me. woohoo way to go ME! She hasn't showed up in 3 weeks. I really think she peeked in after the holidays and thought shoot this is too much and said peace out.

Here to looking to 2009!


BiBi said...

hahah you're so funny!
I hate the whole housekeeping thing. Especially washing - My dryer is still out ('til the 13th hopefully) so it just makes things way worse!

WTG on blogging more! I haven't even been able to update since xmas (I blame the computer) too slow! I'm on it tonight though I WILL catch up!