Monday, January 5, 2009

Nicholas and his mullet.

Nicholas's hair is starting to resemble a mullet or a little rats tail. His hair is so fine not like my other children's hair. I have been putting it on the back burner giving him his first hair cut. But now is the time to finally cut his hair.

Do you save your babies first locks. I must be a bad mom because I never did.

oh and if you need your fix of all things mullet please refer to this site. I almost peed myself.


Clearly not my child but Nicholas's hair is getting pretty darn close.


BiBi said...

LOL! Those were funny! And there are people who like to style their little boys hair like that. One of my mom's cousins does that to her kid cause he has curly hair... no way!
Nicholas hair doesn't look that long. It looks baby thin though :)
That boy is so BIG! ♥

tiburon said...

Oh stop! That isn't even close to a mullet!

He looks darling :)