Monday, January 12, 2009

Nicholas the cookie thief.

Nicholas is a sly one. Oh yes he is. This morning I am struggling to get my homework done by deadline, breakfasts, G off to school. You know the usually. So I have one eye on the computer and one on the boys.

Well I see Nicholas come out of the pantry with cookies. In my house the cookies are high on the shelf not be reached by little hands. Well the magician he is gets to the cookies. He walks out of the pantry happy as can be and says "shhookie" imagine it will a lisp thrown in for good measure. He is so proud of himself he managed to get to the cookies.

Even Richie can't reach them so he tell Nicholas go find me one too. Of course Nicholas does. Those boys crack me up.

I finally had to put the smack down and locked the pantry.