Monday, May 12, 2008

Going On Tour!

I am outta here. I can't wait. We are leaving for a mini vacation to San Diego. I am attending a class on a Friday, Saturday so we decided to make a really long weekend out of it. I can't wait. We bought our season passes to Sea World awhile back now we will be able to use them. I will be in class sadly all day Friday and part of Saturday so Richie will have the kids alone. Oh poor Richie.

I have plans for him though. Lil Richie needs to visit the dentist and I need my windows tinted so he can do those honey do's while I am in class.

Thankfully we pricelined a hotel so you know it was super cheap. I love that website. I have stayed in so many rooms for cheap thanks to them. I will be counting the days till next month.


Mindi said...

have fun! don't forget to come back to real life!