Saturday, November 15, 2008

Family Photo's

I am determined to do a family portrait this year. The kind where hubby wears a suit. I a pretty dress. Gianna dressed to the nine's as well as the boys. I wonder if we can pull it off. I wonder where to go. Everyone knows pictures can be expensive. Heck even going to Kiddie's is an arm and a leg.

Plus I don't think hubby can handle the kneeling and bending involved at kiddie's when he's wearing a suit. So this year I may book with a professional photographer. I have been searching for some here where we live. I could try to do the picture myself. But I doubt I am quick enough with the timer on the camera.

So hopefully I can find a photographer who won't break the bank and who we all can like and say CHEESE to.


Angie said...

If you lived here by me, I'm offering families photos for their Christmas cards for $40! Dang!

BiBi said...

Can't wait to see them! Hope you find a nice cheap one =)