Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Things I may have said at work!

ok I may or may not have said this. Names or sex have been changed to protect the crazies.

I think she may ask for it's number soon. - My observation as a woman did a freak dance to the blood pressure monitor. Then proceeded to wash her shoes in the toilet.

114, 200, 300 all the guesses that were shout out during the game "Guess the blood alcohol level" brought to you by your local drunk. Sponsored by Bud Light.

Blood sugar of 40 please someone get that person a sandwich. oh and dextrose on the side.

Does anyone own a thermometer any more. Or it that not popular anymore?

Don't complain to me about your diabetic neuropathy when I just saw you eat that piece of chocolate cake. I may have to come stomp on your toe. Spoken to a co-worker not a patient.

I am glad you all can sit around while the rest of us are working. again directed to my co-workers.

My connection to the Mormon mafia has left the building.
-Directed at my boss. I love her and she left for greener pastures and the bright lights of Vegas to be a director there. I will miss her. :(

PLEASE note I do love being a nurse, although I question the sanity of the public at times. Sarcasm runs through me like blood. Sometimes words fall out before I can stop myself. There is no malice intended. But ER nursing is hard at times, and yes we all have a sick twisted humor. If we didn't we would go crazy too.


Piko and Kanoe sitting in a tree. . . said...

So that's why my mom-in-law is so sarcastic. . . it's the job! It takes a special person to work in the ER and handle the crazies. I love reading your ER-isms.

Rachel said...

I am SO with you. SO feeling it.

No Cool Story said...

Re Mormom mafia:
We are every where.