Sunday, November 2, 2008

Party Time Excellent!

Gotta love makeup from ragamuffin to ready to go out!

It was a dress up party but me being the party pooper I am we came dressed in regular clothes so we could duck out and see a movie.

Did I ever tell you that when I smile real big my eyes seems to disappear? Yeah kind of like Connie Chung.

Me and the hubby.


Rachel said...

You look AWESOME! One SMOKIN' Mama!

Mother Goose said...

You are so beautiful! you do not look like connie chung! rofl, i can still see your eyes! How fun! I hope I win your giveaway!

Mother Goose said...

k, i gotta say I am so hatin on ya! THREE kids and you look like a beauty queen!!

::cries:: LOL,

Angie said...

Hi friend!
I'm begging all fellow bloggers to post voting reminders today and tomorrow! Also, if you will let people know of a wonderful website where they can find out if they are registered and lots of other info on the voting process! We as women need to let our voices be heard! It's easy! Please help!

Ida said...

thanks everyone!

Tiburon said...

Day-um you are HOT.

Smokin HOT.

Hubba hubba

BiBi said...

Look at you! You look great - very pretty!
That's a very nice shirt BTW!

Mindi said...

when i die and come back to earth i want to be ida.