Saturday, November 1, 2008

Target Ninja!

Some days I feel like a ninja or predator at Target. Everyone who knows me IRL. Knows I love a good deal. I hardly buy anything for full price. Well I had been stalking some lamps at Target for about a month. They finally went on clearance, but not enough clearance for the cheap skate that I am. So I stalked some more. FINALLY from 59.00 to 14.00 wooohoooooo!

and another thing I couldn't resist on ebay was this.

I bought these huge stickers on ebay. I got them in white. So now I need to buy a new comforter for my bedroom. I also need some help on picking a wall color.

Any suggestions????

For a decorating challenged gal?


Dani said...

Nice buys!!!

Rachel said...

Those are stickers? Cool!

I LOVE a great deal!

Mother Goose said...

you could go for the soft feel and paint your background azure blue or shades of blue and have it lighten in a vignette like the orange and then put the white stickers up. Crisp white linens against that french blue would make for a striking appearance. I like those stickers in black. I am thinking I may be able to just paint sillouette flowers like that. I mean if it didn't turn out right, I could just wipe it off or paint over it! thanks for the idea!

Tiburon said...

You are asking the wrong girl.

I am decoratingly challenged as well.

BiBi said...

WOW! That's a very good deal with the lamp!

Mindi said...

loving the orange wall with the stickers