Monday, November 10, 2008

Sick Sick Sick

I woke up Sunday and felt a little off. Well a lot off. I felt like I had been punched in the jaw and ear on my left side. So of course I tell Richie umm did you punch me in the middle of the night. He says no of course. But through out the day my jaw and ear hurt. So I took Motrin, tylenol more motrin more tylenol. I swear I was keeping the pharmacies in business.

Nothing worked! By 8 p.m. I am freaking out in pain. I take half a vicodin nothing. Half hour later take another half. All that get's me is a visit to the porcelin king. I guess me and Vicodin equal vomiting. Despite taking it on a full tummy. I was literally crying in pain.I tried oragel I tried sudafed nothing.....

I gaged it up there with labor pain for which they invented epidurals, and kidney stone pain. Nothing was working. I finally took a hot steamy shower, and then proceeded to stick my face in the sink for more hot steam.

I was a mess, but oh yes my pores do look wonderful today.. LOL

Wake up today after a lovely 4 hours of sleep only to find out that nope my ear is still there and the sucker still hurts.

Called my in laws who came to the rescue. Hubby took me to the ER. I walk in looking like the walking dead. They gave me a room. I get an IV some fluids some toradol. Which did nothing at all. oh and Zofran since I had puked 4 times this morning.

Toradol sucks. They whip out with dilaudid. WTH? I don't take any med's usually and they whip out the big stuff. I think I managed to get .5 cc before I get all woozy and feel like the room is spinning. Horrible horrible feeling. oh and the nausea started again.

One 1500.00 CT later, nope nothing is wrong. Not even my sinuses like I was thinking. So I told them to discharge me. In my rushness I throw up. yuck. Than one of the Dr's who usually isn't there said you look like shit. Yeah that's how we talk to each other. Nice huh?

He tells me let me try accupuncture on you. I say sure why not. He then starts poking about 10 needles in to me. My face, wrist, on the bridge of my nose, on my jaw. Whoa it was weird. But believe it or not. It worked.

The moral of the story I guess all I needed is some tiny needles instead of a 4 grand work up.

I feel a little better. Although my finances are crying now. :(


Bunny B said...

Hope you get well soon!!!

Piko and Kanoe sitting in a tree. . . said...

OMG, what an ordeal. I'm glad you're feeling better. Thank goodness the Dr. had back up when the meds wouldn't work.