Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Things you didn't know about me.

This post from Mindi at Word to Your Mother had me cracking me up. I just thought of all the jobs I had while trying to make a buck in this world.

They included:

1. I was a candy striper at a local hospital. I know I didn't get pain but it was my first job that I acutally had set hours and wore a nifty smock. Red and pink was all the rage.

2. I worked at a hamburger stand. Yeah not my finest job but a job that bought me whatever cute outfit I wanted while in high school. I worked as a cashier and the drive thru lane. All this while making my own change. We didn't have a fancy cash register.

3. I worked at a Thrifty's store. I use to be the ice cream girl. OH don't you love Thrifty's ice cream it was so yummy. Then I was promoted to cashier. Which one day I gave a man way too much change and almost lost my job.

4. I did a temp job worked at 4 different offices. All of them sucked.

5.I worked as a medical assistant for a Dr's office. He was a farmer more than a Dr. I use to say that we sent patients through there like a cattle line. Sometimes seeing more than 100 a day.

6. When I moved to the big city I worked as a detested telemarketer for 1 day. That job was horrible. I did go to an interview that ened up being a pyramid scheme.

7. In the city I worked for a Hair Cut Store. That was fun.

8. In the city I worked in a bank I was a teller.

9. I came home from the big city and I worked at the hospital.

I still work for that same hospital. Can you believe I did all these jobs by the age of 19. Yeah I was busy.


Mindi said...

i thought the first one said candy STRIPPER!!! i was all excited for you.

i also worked telemarketing for exactly 15 days. (oh yes, i counted.) worst job EVER.

Piko and Kanoe sitting in a tree. . . said...

I cannot believe you did all of that before you turned 19. That is amazing. I couldn't get myself away from the beach when I was 19

Angie said...

Wow! You have had a LOT of jobs! All the smarter, right?

Tiburon said...

You got around! Who knew?