Tuesday, November 11, 2008

To old for School, me?

I have been debating for going on 2 years about going back to school. My hubby finished up his bachelor's. Now it's suppose to be my turn. But we as mothers and fathers know how it goes. Family, work and every day life can get in the way.

I need 5 classes to transfer to SDSU's nursing program. It doesn't seem like much but of those 5 I need to take some in order. Like 2 math classes, an inorganic chemistry class, a humanties, and a english class. yipee.

So we will see maybe this year I will start my path again. But boy oh boy I do feel old going back to school. I will be in school with some little 18 year old who worries about her pt job and what she will wear this weekend. While I will be worrying about what to make for dinner, who will watch my kids, and when will I be able to finish my homework.

Yeah school is cool.


Piko and Kanoe sitting in a tree. . . said...

OH I know how you feel. I need to finish my degree too. I guess I'll be waiting for a while more for when my kids are old enough to care for themselves while I go to school.

Rachel said...

School is so cool! I've always loved school, although I can only imagine it is harder with kids. I've been contemplating going back myself, I just don't know how/where I'd fit it in with the kids and work!

Good luck! Take it slow and enjoy it.

Angie said...

1st, I love that picture!!

2nd, go for it! We should always be increasing our knowledge!

Tiburon said...

Good for you! I plan on going back too.